Dry herb vape is new introduction for vape mod batteries along with the wax tanks. Dry herb vape are wonderful hardware designs for dry herb vaping lover as it gives ultra high quality experience of vaping all time.

Dry herb tanks are specially designed for dry herb vaping lovers as its design complements to the vaping experience each time. Dry herb tanks consists 510 connector, heating element inside the inbuilt chamber and of course the mouth piece.

As the dry herbs provide more heat to vaporize than the e liquids so add to the experience of vaping lovers.

Dry herbs are heated inside the chamber under the threshold of combustion so that release of harmful chemicals can be avoided which are release after combustion. In the tank herbs started combusting around 200 Celsius so tanks are designed accordingly to make dry herbs heat vaporizers below this temperature. Complete instructions are provided for wattage settings and particular herbal atomizer.

Even the design of dry herb tanks are manufactured carefully as heating chamber of tanks are made out of ceramic so that it could provide most efficient and cleanest way of vaping and can give most positive experience of vaping.

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