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If you are willing to smoke dry herbs then glass pipe is best tool for you as they are old and popular tool for dry herb vaping. There is wide range of products under this category and all products are made up of glass to give better vaping experience than wooden or metal pipe.

Following are some types of popular glass pipes

  • Chillums is the small and simple type of glass pipe with which you can have simply pack smoking material till the end so after applying flame you can enjoy inhaling it
  • Spoons are common type of glass pipe. It is hand pipe of length 4-5 inches and easy to handle and to use.
  • Steamrollers are hollow pipe with attached bowl type piece in the end and one mouthpiece on other end. Both ends are open to give wonderful experience but it is not for the beginners as hard, hot and rips can handle its vaping
  • Bubblers are also hand pipes that utilize water like bong. You can smoke through water before its inhalation to make taste smoother
  • Bongs are glass pipes that are quite popular design in which water is utilized to filter and taste smoother to smoke
  • Sherlocks are glass pipes with bowl signifying arching stem.

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