5 Tips for Vapers While Traveling
5 Tips for Vapers While Traveling


Vaping devices are used by many people all over the world, if you are thinking of using them while you want to travel to another place then it is essential you follow certain rules. In this guide, we will share tips which will help you carry your device without any problem.

So you are planning to go on a vacation and might want to get vaping product along with you. Well, the great news is that it is not inconvenient at all as it was. Now, the e-cigarettes can be found at every place. But, you need to follow some specific rules and according to them, you should pack the mods & e-juice. Below are the tips to keep the vapers safe and then minimizing the airport delays.

  • Make sure to read the airline rules

Before you take the vape products along with you, it is essential that you read the airline rules. Almost every airline has a page on their website mentioning e-cigarettes. Also, there are some airlines which are which have strict rules as compared to others. You can visit our vape store and get more knowledge about these products.

  • Pack the device in the Carry-On Luggage

Almost every airline prohibits the use of vapor device in the checked luggage whether it has a battery or not. What you can do is carry them in carry-on luggage. You have to switch off the devices before you travel with them.

  • Keep the E-Juice with other liquid items

At the airport security, the liquid items are screened separately from the other items at the security checkpoint. What you can do is pack them in the carry-on bag with other liquid item and keep it in a plastic bag. Once you reach the security point, take out the carry-on bag. In case, you have extra e-liquid bottle which is larger than 100 ml then keep it in the checked luggage.

  • Keep Mechanical Mods Without Batteries

The electronic vape products mechanical mods do not contain any safety timers to stop the overly long puffs. When you do not carry the mechanical mods properly it can lead to problems and battery can catch fire. The fire will continue till the battery does not get finished or it gets overheated. If the device has locking fire button then you should keep it locked before you start traveling. The ideal option is that battery should be removed.

  • Before traveling check the local laws

You need to learn vaping laws of the destination you are traveling to. You should not assume that laws at your place will be the same at other places also. When you get the vaping product from the vape shop you can also ask them about the rules.