Tips to fix your Leaking Vape
Tips to fix your Leaking Vape


Vaping has become very popular among the youth as they for this to quit the addiction to smoking. While using these products at the time you can experience the issue of vape leak which can happen with anyone. In this guide, we have mentioned the tip to deal with the issue of vape leak effectively.

The craze of vaping is increasing every year and this has also given rise to many vaping products. But, one thing which is quite frustrating with these devices is vape leaking and spilling e-juice anywhere you have placed the device. Here are the most common reasons behind it so that you can avoid this problem in your next vaping session.


  • E-juice is very thin


If the e-juice you are using is not ideal for the coil then leaking will happen. Coils that comes with a direct lung can leak easily if the liquid is too thin.

There are 2 components of e-juice PG and VG. If PG level is more than liquid will be thin. So, in this case, it will leak through the airflow openings.

If you are not sure what ratio you should go for then you should talk with the experts at the vape shop.


  • The glass seal ring is loose


– When you buy the vape tank from vape store they have several o-rings to prevent the liquid from coming out. The main o-rings will help in covering the glass. Mostly all of the tanks come with extra o-rings.

– In case the o-rings break then its grip will be lost and it means it should be changed. If this happens, then the liquid will leak from the bottom or the glass top. So, while buying the vaping kit make sure to focus on this thing.


  • The coil you are using is very old


The coil you are using is old or defective which results in leaking. The e-juice will start leaking from the airflow as these holes are very small at the tank base. Getting the coil replaced with a good one will solve this problem.


  • Not common though, a cracked glass


In some cases, the glass is chipped even if it has the o-ring which can make the tank leak. So, get the glass changed to fix this issue.


  • Buying a cheap product


– In the market, you can get loads of non-authentic devices at cheap rates. No doubt, they will look identical but the issue is that tank is not authentic which will eventually result in leakage.

– On the other hand, people buy a cloned tank that does not fit properly which can also create a problem.

It is important that you buy a genuine product which is important for safety reasons as well as to avoid the problem of leakage.