A Vape Battery Lead to Smoke that Make Airport Security Scare
A Vape Battery Lead to Smoke that Make Airport Security Scare


Vaping is the new trend that has put all youngsters and former smokers in the insane habit of vaping. Vaping has not only become the status symbol but also counted as one of the recreational activities. Vaping users are having so much carving for it that they visit the vape store in New Jersey and order the latest brand for the vaping products.

But while buying the vaping products or devices one must be very careful as sometimes the unoriginal or copied brand of these devices and products can put you in a sup. The vape devices can give you chilling experiencing but if you have not picked the reliable item for you then these can put you in trouble especially when you are porting these devices.

Recently one funny incident happened on the airport security check post due to vape pens and this incident is captured in the CCTV cameras of the airport. The incident happened in Georgia’s Savannah Hilton Head international airport. The entire security of airport get alert and scare when they caught the men at checkpoint whose bag was hissing plumes of smoke.

The TSA security reacted quickly and taken the bag for examination as even the men were not aware of what was the reason for smoke coming out from his bag, There was a panic situation all around and everyone was staring the bag with the great confusion that what was actually happened inside the bag that causes the smoke to come out from it?

Even people at airport checkpoint got so scared that they thought they are near to death means there will be something explosive in the bag of that man. But after the examination of the smoky bag, the TSA found that there was nothing to worry as the culprit inside the bag was vape battery.

TSA saved the day by acting cool under the extreme pressure and panic situation and sorted the confusion of each individual standing nearby.

This incident really gives the lesson that anything embarrassing could happen if you will carry out the unbranded vape products with you so visit only the trusted and best vape store in new jersey for getting the best and reliable products for great travelling experience with vape devices and of course for great vaping experiences.