After Vape Ban Teens are still vaping New Disposable Vape Pens
After Vape Ban Teens are still vaping New Disposable Vape Pens


If you are vapor you must have heard of the vape ban put by different states all over the world. This is done to address the issue of vape-related illness. In this guide, we have given brief information about teens using disposable vape pens despite the vape ban.

Government and health officials are putting efforts to control the teen vaping because of the health-related cases addressed in the last few months. The most famous vape brand JUUL pulled most of its flavored pods from the market last year. But, despite the vape ban, the teenagers moved to a new option available in the market which is disposable vape products.

Meredith Berkman, co-founder of the advocacy group PAVE (Parents Against Vaping E-cigarettes), said, “JUUL is a very old school and teenagers are not interested in using it. Among them, the most popular option is the Puff bar which is designed for one-time use. Even the vape ban news did not stop them from using the device.”

No doubt, the ban is put on different vaping products to stop young people from using vape products. Additionally, many flavored cartridges are banned. However, still, there are many loopholes as it is not stopping the kids from using these devices.

The vaping industry has been very effective in bringing the new products in the market despite the regulatory efforts to limit the usage of vape teens. It is more like a game when one product is aimed at another one comes in the market to fill its void.

In one of the newspapers, the rapid changes made in the disposable vaping has been documented. It was mentioned that different products are available in the market which is like JUUL and they have become very popular among students.

Now the product which is gaining teen attention is the Puff bar due to its similarity with the vape product. When you inhale it will give you sugary and sweet flavor. The flavor is very effective in cutting the tobacco harshness. One bar has around 300 puffs and nicotine presence in 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes. No doubt, the nicotine content is very high which is addictive and harmful for teens.

The product is new so it is difficult to understand how many teens are using it. But, yes many schools have reported to find the vape sticks and pen in their school bags. The majority of them are disposable products and with different flavors that attract them the most.

What can parents do?

Instead of starting the conversation on a higher note it is better to be polite. You need to make them understand why it is bothering you. Let them understand the negative effects of nicotine. Before you talk with them, you should do a little research on your own. This way you can tell them which products are safe and its serious effect.