Are there any side effects of vaping
Are there any side effects of vaping


In modern times, vaping and vape shops have become an acceptable part of many cultures. Although it has gained acceptance in many countries, the one question that boggles everyone’s mind is whether it is safe to vape? Does it have any side effects or the ill health concerns being raised about it are just make-believe ?So, it is better to be clear about the health issues connected to it before you order your set from the vape store.

If we delve into the historical facts, you will be surprised to know that vaping wasn’t intended to be a fashion or a trend. Rather it was invented by Hon Lik of china to eliminate the traditional method of smoking cigarettes. The medical physician from Beijing intended to put an end to smoking and help the public improve their health by switching to this method of smoking. In contrast to traditional cigarette smoking, vaping poses less harm and gives more happiness. It releases fewer toxins as compared to smoking as it does not contain tar and carbon monoxide. However, there are some side effects of vaping which one can’t ignore –

Dry Mouth

It is the most common side effect of vaping. This is caused by the excessive intake of substances like PG (Propylene Glycol) & VG (Vegetable Glycerin). These juices form the basic ingredients of vaping juice. In case the user has pure VG in his e-juice, he is less likely to have dry mouth. If you face this condition, then it is best to consume oral hydration products that are easily available at many stores.

Sore Throat

If you intake excessive amounts of PG, you are bound to face pain and itching in the throat area. PG and material of the coil in the atomizer can cause discomfort in the throat.

To get relief, you must figure out the specific reason which is causing the problem. If the e-juice is to be blamed, then consider switching to one containing VG. However, you should change the coil if it is the causative factor.

Nicotine Addiction

Yes, it is claimed that vaping helps you in getting over nicotine addiction but few know that nicotine intake is not eliminated by vaping. The amount of nicotine you consume in vaping depends on the type of e-juice you used. If you desire to give up your nicotine, then it is wiser to switch to e juices with low nicotine content.