Bad Advices that new vapers can get
Bad Advices that new vapers can get


So, you have recently bought your first vaping kit. You will be excited to use it and get the best experience which people often talk about. You will get a lot of advice on how to use them but some are not right. In this topic, we are going to tell you bad advice which you might hear.

Every day, the vaping community is getting bigger as more and more people are moving to this option. One thing which you will get to hear is ‘opinion’ from different people. There are tons of people you will be willing to give you advice or share their experiences. Keep in mind, not all of them are helpful for you. Read the most common bad advice that new vapers are given:

  • Always get the powerful device available in the market

So, you have entered the vaping community to learn to use the vaping device and enjoy the experience which people usually have. For the beginner, it is important that they do not over respond to everything they hear. The best choice is to seek advice from the local vape store as they will let you which option is best for you.

Once you are a pro at it grab your hands on the latest ones. You should choose the device which perfectly fit your needs.

  • The best option is to build a coil

Many vapers love to build their own coil. They might push other people to build their coil as they want to save money. If you want to quit smoking then this vaping is the best way. But, you need to understand that this process is quite frustrating and you need to understand the Ohm’s law properly. Doing it with proper safety is a must. If you are not aware of the science then do not do any type of experiment. This is the reason, we always suggest the new vapers to get the proper vaping kit from the vape shop.

  • Grab your hand on the highest nicotine level

The manufacturers make the products with different amounts of nicotine level. Interestingly, with vaping nicotine is needed less as compared to the traditional cigarette. So, even if someone tells you to get high nicotine then keep in mind it will make you sick. Keep the nicotine level middle and then gradually adjust as per your need.

  • Keep a set of batteries in your pocket

Keeping a spare battery is helpful but not in the pocket as it can lead to injury. If you are charging them then do not keep them unattended for long, especially when they are fully charged. It would be better to get the carrying case for all the vaping gears and batteries for safety.