6 useful tips to prevent your vape pens' Battery from Exploding
6 useful tips to prevent your vape pens' Battery from Exploding


6 useful tips to prevent your vape pens’ Battery from Exploding

People love to vape with highly expensive and branded vaping devices to show their status in the society. But if you notice one day that smoke is coming out from your pocket while standing in the social gathering and this smoke is not due to your vape but due to the batter explosion of vape pen that you were having in your packet then definitely it could dent your status and make you feel embarrassed.

Thus it is very important to know about the prevention of your battery to explode as along with the hitting to your reputation this explosion can also be responsible for some injuries like it can cause burning of the body part near which you have kept your vape pens like leg or thighs.

Many incidents have come in front due to the explosive vape pens so the FDA has announced batteries of the vape pens as the culprits for these incidents and even has given tips to prevent the expositions of vape pens as follows

  1. First and the foremost FDA has urges the people to buy only the certified and branded vape pens from the best vape store in Linwood as the reputed companies ‘vape pens go through various testing measures so vape users can rely upon the safe vaping and long life of these pens.
  2. Even vape pens should be used with safety features like there should be a device that could protect the pen from overcharging and even device that could vent holes and fire button lock.
  3. Whenever the vape pens come into the contact of water then the user should replace the batteries as soon as possible irrespective of the fact that water exposure was minimal or extensive.
  4. The vape pens should be kept away from the contact of metal objects like keys, loose change of coins and even should be kept in the plastic cases to prevent them from the explosion
  5. Only the recommended batteries and the chargers for the particular vape pens should be used to prevent the batteries from the explosion
  6. Vape pens should be kept away from the prolonged exposure of sun or heat.