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Understanding Vaper’s Tongue and How to Stop it?

They can enjoy the huge array of different fruit, desserts and menthol flavors loaded in the vaping devices but in smoking, they can only have the throaty burnt ash hit.

These days’ new devices and the new flavors can be found n the shelves of any vape store in Northfield as the vaping companies are putting extravagant efforts in improving the exiting favors and in introducing the new tastes so that users can get the great vaping experience. However, there can be taken much variety of flavors from e juice shop in Northfield still people complaint that the E- juices lose their flavor after some time but studies have revealed that there is nothing wrong with the e-juices or the devices it is all about the vaper’s tongue.

Let us understand in detail about the vaper’s tongue

What is Vaper's Tongue?

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

After some time the vaping users’ complaints about the loss of flavor of e-juices but it is not at all about the e-juices as the users are suffering from the nasty disease called vaper’s tongue which makes the e-juices tasteless for the particular person after awhile.

It is quite easy to get rid of vaper’s tongue but before understanding about stopping vaper’s tongue let us understand something about how we actually taste the eatables. Most of the people believe that the taste is connected with the taste buds means with our tongue but it is not true as our taste buds can only taste five taste salty, sweet, sour, and bitter and umami so then what is this vaper’s tongue disease?

Generally, tasting happens in the olfactory bulb as it deals with smelling of the food and what to do with food and this olfactory system is quite complicated as it contains many sensitive receptors that digest the aroma molecules and pass the flavor information to the brain of the person. Thus according to the scientist vaper’s tongue is the olfactory fatigue which is the temporary inability of the olfactory to discern the smell when you already had exposure for it for some time.

That is why when the users enjoy the same e-liquid for a long time then their nose and brain get used to it and stops discerning the smell and flavor and we feel that there is no taste remains in the e-juice.

How to stop it?

How to stop it?

Vaper’s tongue can be stopped with the following few tips

  1. You can rotate the taste of the e-juices means rather than sticking to one flavor it is good to use more than one flavor and rotate them after some time
  2. Drink plenty of water as dehydration can also affect your tastes so you must drink plenty of water to taste the e-juice in a better way
  3. Changing platters can also be a good way to stop vaper’s tongue as it will reactivate the sensations of your brain and nose for the flavor of e-juice.