Can I Vape While On A Flight?
Can I Vape While On A Flight?


Vaping has been introduced as the perfect substitute for smoking but the increasing demand of vaping has made it more important than recreational activities and even it has become somehow the status symbol. People love to vape their favorite stuff to satisfy their taste buds, craving for smoking and now even to follow the trend.

Due to increasing demand for vaping, there are numerous vape brands that are introducing vaping devices with innovative designs, usability and portability options.

Vaping and airport authorities

Vaping and airport authorities

This insane habit has made the lovers lunatic that they want to carry their vape devices everywhere to enjoy vaping at any time and everywhere. People want to carry their vape kits even at the airports so that they can enjoy cloud chasing in the clouds. However, there are not all the airport authorities that allow vaping at their premises.

For instance, vaping is not allowed in the major airports of US and is considered as similar to smoking and even counted as the illegal offense however in some airports you can vape in some areas of the airport where the cigarette smoking is allowed.

As US food and drug administration that is FDA has considered the vaping products in the similar category of smoking and tobacco so the rules to carry vaping devices are the same as the carrying of tobacco products. In the major airports vaping is banned and even e-cigarettes are not allowed on the flights.

Moreover, due to potential exposure of harmful chemicals vaping devices are not allowed to be used indoor as per the rules of WHO.

Consequently vaping is banned or prohibited in some indoor venues in which smoking was also banned.  Clearly, you cannot take you vaping devices on the international flights however within the countries some domestic flights provide an exception so in some flights people can enjoy vaping.

According to airport authorities, you are not allowed to enjoy vaping within the airport premises but you can enjoy it in outer side so you can carry your vaping material with you in flight but it must be packed in your carry- on bags but authorities can check your vaping kit case or packaging while entering to the airport.

Here are some tips to pack your vaping kits while going to the airport

  • You must switch off your vape devices
  • Make sure you have checked from the concerned flight’s website to be sure about the quantity of vape you can carry with you.
  • You must keep your batteries out from devices and these should be away from the magnetic touch
  • You must pack your vaping stuff in ziplock to prevent any leakage. Even at our vape shop in New Jersey, you can have leakage proof vaping kits, bags, and cases that you can carry easily.

All in all, vaping is not allowed in flights according to airport authorities but different flights can have different rules so make sure before leaving that you have checked the rules of carrying vaping devices with you in particular flight in which you are traveling.