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ECOPETS™ Bacon For Dogs



As a concerned pet owner, we understand your plight if your pet has been suffering from a disease or illness for a long time. Of course, the first line of treatment is visiting the vet. But if your beloved pet has been suffering since years, you can also try out cannabis. Don’t be perplexed with this suggestion. Those of you who are new to the idea, it may be brought to your notice that cannabis is a safe and feasible medication for your dog or cat. Yes, it might leave you wondering with the eternal question that is it really safe to give cannabis to pets? We would like to tell the people in doubt that it is absolutely a safe option for your beloved pet. The reason lies in the fact that all the mammals and other classes of animals have the same endocannabinoid system. This means that all mammals, reptiles, birds , fishes and even some invertebrates have the same endocannabinoid system. This means that the mechanism by which all the animals react to cannabis consumption is the same. We all have are endogenous lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters which form a  bond with cannabinoid receptors. The proteins from these cannabinoid receptors influence the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

In common language, the CBD oil for Pets will have an assured healing effect on the pet as CBD capsules have on you. It is not the same CBD as the cannabis used for recreational usage. Pet CBD Products are made specially from help CBD oil, which is legal to possess if lower than 0.3 %THC. CBD for pets is available in the form of yummy flavors which the animals lap up immediately. Pet formulated CBD product is also available in the market, but CBD stores have something really superior for the pets.


Benefits of CBD for Pets

It has been specially found to be beneficial in the treatment of various conditions such as inflammation, epilepsy,  anxiety, spasms,  IBS,  Pain,  Nausea, Glaucoma and even Cancer in pets.The medical practitioners swear by the medicinal properties of CBD for humans but its sure goes the same for our furry fellow beings.