Choose Only The Best Vapes For Nic Salts
Choose Only The Best Vapes For Nic Salts


If you have quit smoking but not the craving for nicotine and want to get the higher dose of it then you must try vaping with nicotine salts. There is numerous vape pod system that can satisfy your craving for nicotine but you may face the difficulty in choosing the best out of them. Following are some examples of best vapes that can give you the higher level of satisfaction with the higher dose of nicotine.

Suorin iShare

It is a really brilliant vape device that comes with two batteries and one portable charger. You can get the benefit of rotating the batteries and get the power of walloping throat hit with the great flavor of nicotine salt e-juice of your choice. It is the ideal vape for nicotine salt as it comes in sleek and small design so easy to carry and use and even you can rotate the nicotine salt as the kit comes with two pods in it.

SMOK Infinix

Smok infinix is really a good vape for nic salts as its design is sleek, slim and sexy with three different matte colors. It has 250mAh battery which has the long life and has the capacity of 2ml so can give you good throat hit with the higher quantity of vapor. Even it is considered as ideal vape due to its smooth airflow feature

Suorin Drop

If you are seeking for the unique and appealing design of vape that could give you powerful vape of nicotine salt then Suorin Drop vape is best for this. it has the teardrop-like shape so it is too small to carry in a palm of the hand and of course lightweight and super sturdy. It is easy to fill and refill as it is having refillable pod snap right onto the battery and this pod vape can give you extremely powerful throat hit with nicotine salt.

Vapor Zeus

Vapor Zeus is also the ideal vape and signature e-cig that can calm your craving for nicotine salt with the good throat hit. This vape system is available with cartomizer that can hold up t 6 ml liquid for you to keep vaping all the day. It can deliver good throat hit as it is designed especially for the smokers. It has 1300mAh powerful battery so you can vape out long time without any worry about charging.

ELeaf iCare 2

It is the best vape to have the mouth to lung hit and to vape nicotine salts. If you are the smoker but have the urge for throat hit then it is the best device for you.  It has the capacity of 2ml liquid and you can even control the vaping flow by pressing the power button of vape. Even it is affordable and effective vape to have the higher dose of nicotine salts.