Difference between Pods vs Mods vs Starter Kits
Difference between Pods vs Mods vs Starter Kits


The vaping industry is moving very fast. Looking away for just a few moments will give you a new vaping device and unfamiliar terms also. In that case, it is our duty to make people aware of the vaping device. For that, we have mentioned the difference between vape pods, vape mods, and starter kits.

What are Vape Pods?

  • Vape pods are the modern device and there rise is because of various e-liquids prepared with nicotine salt in comparison to traditional freebase nicotine e-liquid.
  • The vape pod is 2 piece device with a battery and replaceable or refillable pod. The vape pods are easy to use and affordable.
  • The device is very compact and it helps in giving satisfaction in a small amount of e-juice. The design is a complete system for giving an efficient vaping system.
  • Also, many modern pos systems are designed to use different types of coil. This means by simply changing the coil and using the favorite traditional e-juice.

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What are Vape Mods?

  • Vapors who have been in the vaping for a long time will have encountered the mods in the vape store or might have seen someone using it.
  • Vape mod existence become popular when the vapors demanded a higher level of performance. The size increased but the portability feature decreased. This made sense because vapors look for a better device, bigger clouds, and intense flavor.
  • The vape mods are very versatile because they can accept a variety of tanks, cartridges, and drippers. So, it is clear that to get big poofy clouds and delicious flavors there is anything that will top the mods.

What are starter kits?

  • Starter kits include RipTide Pod and FreeCool N800 Kit. These will give vapor everything which will offer perfect vaping session and they can be bought at an impressive value. Moreover, the starter is available for mod and pods. In case you know you prefer mods or pods over the other than choosing the best vape starter kit becomes easy and quite enjoyable.
  • Mod starter kit is not ideal for experienced vapers who spend proper time in knowing about the vaping device. This is because they know which type of tank or vaping device they need to use. But, if you are starting now only then mod starter kits in the best choice as it is the complete and highly-functioning system.
  • On other other hand pod starter kits will bundle the pod device, different coil, and few pods which will help you make the right choice.

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No matter which option catches your attention or gives you the best vaping session you should get the best device from the trusted source.