No. 00

Sweet Tobaccocino

No. 05

Slice of NY Style Cheesecake with Strawberries on Top

No. 24

Salted Caramel Malt

No. 32

Delicious Cinnamon Funnel Cake

No. 42

Cold Fruit Cup

No. 51

Layers of Vanilla, Cream and Subtle Sweetness

No. 64

Hints of Tart Berry and Sweet, Aromatic Hibiscus

No. 71

Sweet & Sour Sugar Peach

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Californian Juice makers started out their own vaping stores in the US before introducing the excellent e juices to vaping market. These juice makers have introduced Beard vape Co. e liquids to the market and due to their popularity in the market, these e- liquids soon had been introduced to UK and European market. The perfect blend of innovative tastes of beard vaping e liquids make entire vaping world crazy for their taste and make them all fall in love with these flavors.


Their introduced flavors like cheesecake with strawberries and cinnamon funnel cake shake the entire spectrum of vaping lovers. The introduced flavors can be less in numbers but the tastes are uncompromisingly delicious for everyone.


The Beard colors range of e liquids consist the series of Shortfill 60 ml in 0mg mix. There has been left 10 ml space empty in 60ml shortfill bottles for an optional Nicotine shot. It offers the flavors like Chai Latte, a classic Strawberry cream, Fruity mango lychee and a Melon Cucumber


Beard X series is the range of E liquids that consisting all of your favorite flavors but in the short fill form with 10 ml space empty for optional Nicotine shot.