Outrage Orange

Sweet Orange with a Twist

Livid Lime

Refreshing Lime with a Twist

Maniac Mint

Ice Cold Peppermint with a Twist

Tobacco Trail

Mild Sweet Tobacco with a Hint of Honey

Bird Brains

A fresh out of the box Fruit Cereal

Boss Reserve

Golden Honey Graham Cracker with Roasted Nut Clusters Drenched in Creamy Milk & Layered with Sliced Bananas

Mega Melons

A Trifecta of Mango, Cantaloupe & Papaya

Mr. Fritter

MThe Perfect Balance of Apple & Cinnamon infused with Special Blend of Other Flavors

Sugar Drizzle

Sugary Cinnamon with a Smooth Creamy Body

Unicorn Milk

A Perfect Blend of Strawberry & Four Unique Creams

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After long research, development, testing and innovation unique and high- quality vaping product has been introduced in the market to make crazy to whole vaping world that is known as Cuttwood. Manufactures of cuttwood are dedicated to deliver only the best quality and even got success in delivering the same with testing approved ingredients and high quality flavors.
After great research and innovation these e liquids are back with 50ml shortfill bottles and range of high VG e-liquids. These e liquids are available with dessert flavor, tobacco flavor and juicy flavor of fruits. Flavors like Mega Melons, Boss Reserve and Unicorn Milk have made their name in the vaping industry.


If you also love to have nicotine with vaping then 70%VG with 10ml empty for nicotine shot is perfect for you. It is available in different sizes 16.5%, 30ml, 60ml and 120ml with four levels of Nicotine 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12 mg with the options of PG and VG 40% and 60% respectively.


Cuttwood vapors are recommended to those vapors that focus more on flavor than the decent amount of vapor with the unique experience.