Choose Your E-Juice


Kilo E-Liquids have become the renowned brand of e liquids for vaping worldwide after its foundation year 2014. Kilo E-Liquids are popular due to their creativity, patience, passion, integrity and unmatched excellent taste of e liquids. It has lined up their premium e liquid brand with 5 flagship flavors that are Dewberry Cream, Tru Blu, Cereal Milk, Kiberry Yogurt and fruit Whip.


After two years of foundation, Kilo E- liquid introduced their Black series of bold 60ml line up with four unique flavors. Its four unique series are Kilo Moo Series, Kilo Black Series, Bazooka Sour Straws and Kilo White Series. Following is the brief information about 5 flagship flavors of Kilo

  • Kiberry Yogurt is the perfect blend of fresh strawberries and the dash of kiwis
  • Dewberry Cream has the honeydew cream flavor with the mixed flavor of blueberries and strawberries
  • Cereal Milk is like the mixture of the crunchy fruity mixture with icy cold milk
  • Tru blue is the like custard with blueberry flavor with the perfect mixture of sweetness and tart
  • Fruit whip is exciting melody of fruits like pears, blueberries, strawberries and apples enriched with whip cream.


Other than above flavors, you can enjoy milky Cones vapory and Kilo X Nasty Juice Collaboration flavors for the greater experience of vaping e liquids.

Tru Blue

Perfectly Sweetened Blueberry Custard with a Balanced Creamy to Fruity Ratio

Fruity Whip

Medley of Apples, Pears, Berries & Tropical Fruits Topped with Whipped Cream

Kiberry Yogurt

Yogurt Cream Infused with a Blend of Fresh Strawberries & a Dash of Kiwi

Dewberry Cream

Exquisite Honeydew Cream Flavor with Light Hint of Mixed Berries

Cereal Milk

A Perfect Blend of Fruity Cereal and Milky Cream

Black Series

Apple Pie

The Taste of Caramelized Apples Bathed in a Light Shower of Spiced Cinnamon, Folded Perfectly into a Flaky Pastry Crust

Birthday Cake

The Classic Yellow Cake Layered with a Smooth Creamy Frosting Topped with Rainbow Sprinkles

Honey Creme

Smooth, Rich Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a Drizzle of Sweet Honey, Topped with Roasted Nuts

Milk & Cookies

The Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie, Dunked into a Glass of Cold Milk

White Series

Marshmallow Crisp

Delicious Toasted Rice Cereal Stirred into a Bowl of Melted Marshmallows

Cinnamon Roll

Rich Buttery Rolls Coated in Sweet Aromatic Cinnamon, Drizzled with a Velvety Smooth Cream Cheese Frosting

White Chocolate Strawberry

Perfectly Ripened, Juicy Strawberries Dipped into Decadent White Chocolate.

Ice Cream Sandwich

A Distinctive Blend of a Soft Chocolate Cookie & Vanilla Ice Cream

MOO Series

Coffee Milk

A Perfect Brew of Bold Coffee Beans Topped off with Sweet, Creamy Milk

Vanilla Almond Milk

Delectable Balance of Roasted Almonds and Fresh Milk

Banana Milk

Flavorful Fusion of Freshly Picked Bananas, Mixed Deeply into a Cup of Crisp Milk

Blueberry Milk

Sweet Tartness of Blueberries on the Inhale, with the Smooth Creaminess of Milk on the Exhale.

Neapolitan Milk

Mouthwatering Mixture of Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla Milk.

Regular Series