Juicy Watermelon Infused into a Hard Lollipop Candy

Blue Raspberry Green Apple

Blue Raspberry and Tangy Green Apple Infused Hard Lollipop Candy

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Lollivape e liquids can take you a few years back in childhood to have nostalgic taste of sweet candy on plastic stick with its each note from inhale to exhale. It is inspired by the popular original Lollipop suckers and manufactured by Snap Liquids in LA California.


Each flavor of lollivape is precisely made with best and high quality ingredients that resemble with the taste of your favorite childhood candies. It is available in 100ml e- liquid bottles. It is the collection of two flavors as follow

  • Lollivape Liquids Watermelon is the collection of lollivape with the flavor of watermelon infused in the hard lollipop candy which provides sweetness of watermelon with each inhale to the exhale of hard candy similar like the candy on a plastic stick of any local candy shop.
  • Next flavor of lollivape e liquids is Blue Raspberry Green apple e juice which is the perfect combination of tangy green apple and blue raspberry infused in the hard lollipop candy. This Blue raspberry Green apple candy provide sweet blue raspberry candy taste on inhale with a twist of tangy green apple candy taste on exhale.