Everything About Cigar Scents and Flavors
Everything About Cigar Scents and Flavors


Millions of people love cigars, some regularly, and some occasionally. However, only a few of them know about scents and flavors that are present in cigars. If you also do not know about flavors then must read this article carefully, because we are going to give you detailed information about cigar flavors.

The best quality cigars are available in scents and different types of flavors. Which you give you the best feeling because flavors are made from the soil where tobaccos are growth, and with the help of leaves that are useful to make cigars. In addition to this, only a few leaves are selected in order to make the cigar and scents, that will give you real throat hit. In order to know the components of the cigar, you will talk to a cigar shop owner, he will tell you everything in detail.

Components of cigars that gives flavor.

Leaf Origin

Millions of people love cigars, that have good fragrance and flavor as well. Well, flavors of cigars are made with different types of leaves, after blending them together. In addition to this, a cigar’s flavor and taste determine how a maker combine the different types of leaves in order to get the new and the best flavor. You can also get an idea from a vape shop while you are going to buy a cigar. You will see all the ingredients on the backside of the box.

The Cigar Wrapper

This is explained as the outer part which affects the overall flavor of the cigar. This is also useful to make good quality cigar from outer side as well. According to the owner of the smoke store, this wrapper is helpful to protect the cigar from external harmful chemicals and components as well.

Filler and Binder

Filler means the largest percentage of tobacco in a cigar so that you can enjoy flavored smoking. In addition to this, the binder is considered as the backbone, that is useful to add filler and wrap that in perfect shape. These both filler and binder are useful to make a good flavor of the cigar, but it depends on where tobacco is grown.

Here are basic flavors of cigars include-

Spice and herbal flavors-: This flavor includes the nutmeg,  hints of tea, black or red pepper, licorice, cardamom, cumin, and cloves.

Roasted or toasted flavors-: This flavor is made of several types of nuts such as almonds, peanuts, marzipan, and pistachios.

Plant flavors-: As the name depicts, this is made with several types of plants, grass, wood, tea, and moss as well.

Fruity flavors-: These are made with apples, citrus fruits, cherry, and so on. This is the best flavor for those who love fruits so much.

Earth and mineral flavors-: As we stated above, this is made with soil and leaves where tobacco is grown.