Everything about Professional competitive cloud vaping
Everything about Professional competitive cloud vaping


The craze of vaping is increasing continuously. With this, vapers are trying new devices and methods to get the best experience. You might not know this that there are professional cloud vaping competition. In this guide, we will tell you all about the competition.

Vaping products have definitely become very popular in the last few years. With this vapers creativity also come out of making the best cloud. No doubt, it is one of the amazing things to see. Well, it is actually like watching a magic trick that you start thinking about how it actually happened. To describe this art, competitive cloud chasing vaping, sub-ohm vaping, and extreme vaping.

Here Are Some Things You Need To Know About The Competitive Cloud Vaping.

How the cloud vaping started?

Actually, the information about how it all started is not clear. But, it is assumed that two people were making massive clouds and suddenly they realized that they are able to make art with these amazing devices.

What is the competitive side of cloud chasing vaping?

If you think that, cloud chasing vaping has been here for a long time, then this is not the case. Those who compete are known as professional vapers. The professional’s vapers are known for participating in the cloud chasing the competition. They do not consider this as their hobby but they take it very seriously. The vapers can blow ring, make ripples, and French inhales.

You might not know this but many big events are held for cloud chasing. Moreover, there are money prizes which are worth the amount of $1,00,000. Additionally, the events are also sponsored by vape companies.

Recently, there is even a buzz that in Canada that vapers want to start this amazing sport so that it can gain more popularity. If you are thinking about the rules then they are very simple. Two people will stand back and whose cloud will blow the furthest will win the competition and they will move to the next round. In one of the competitions, one person blew the cloud around 6 feet high which is actually pretty amazing. If you are thinking of buying the vaping product then you should visit your local vape store.

How to be a professional cloud chaser?

First of all, it is essential that you know about the vaping in detail. If you are new to vaping then understand the device work, what battery will be used, what type of ohms are there, what type of pieces it has, and how they all work together. Once you are a pro you can become the best professional cloud chaser. If you want to get the best vape kit then you should visit the vape shop. In addition to this, understanding about the various e-juices is also necessary and which one gives you the best hit will also make a difference.