Explanation about What is nicotine salt
Explanation about What is nicotine salt


The vaping world is changing a lot like the device which we use and the e-juice present in it. There was a time when e-juice was of very high strength and PG was 80% and VG was 20%. But these days nicotine level is getting low and the trend of nicotine salt is rising which we have explained in this guide.

With the rise of the vaping industry, every year it is seen that new products are coming in the market. One of the vaping parts is e-juice which is very essential to get the best experience. With the release of the Juul, the world of e-juice got better which is nicotine slat. But what exactly they are and how they are different from e-liquid.

Freebase Nicotine is used in the E-liquid

Most of the e-juice found in the market are freebase nicotine and which is pure form and it does leave an effect on the body. When cigarette companies adjusted the formula of tobacco and its main aim is to maximize the freebase nicotine amount. This is the form of nicotine which produces various effects when you inhale the smoke.

The nicotine salt is an alternative for nicotine and found in the tobacco leaf. This is a stable form and the freebase nicotine are combined with different acid types. Also, there is no effect of salt but while you vape or smoke it can lead to chemical reactions.

This is the reason companies are using freebase nicotine in the e-juice as it is simple and there is no need to mess with the chemistry.

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Benefits of Nicotine Salt E-Juice

Extremely satisfying

In the nicotine e-juice if the nicotine level is high then it gives more satisfying results. This means it is very beneficial for heavy smokers who are trying to switch.

Works best with lower–power devices

With low-nicotine juices, you can get satisfying vape as you need sub-ohm tank and mod. But with nicotine salt, you can get almost the same with affordable setup and it is simple also.

Smooth Throat hit

With nicotine salt, the throat hit is very smooth even if it’s of high-strength you will get the best experience.

Liquid is consumed less

With nicotine salt, you do not have to vape in excess to get the experience you are looking for.


Not available in a wide variety

Thought it might be in demand but they are not available in different choices or range of flavors.

Problem of throat hit

If you want harsh throat hit then this option is not the best for you.

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