F Given To New Jersey on tobacco control report card
F Given To New Jersey on tobacco control report card


Vaping has become very popular in the last few years. But, now it has been seen that it has been linked with health issues. There are different countries which are putting a ban on manufacturing and selling. In this guide, we have shared New Jersey has given ‘F’ on the tobacco control report card.

Lately, the vape ban is the current topic in the vaping community. New Jersey actually got ‘F’ grade in the report card because they have put the least effort in reducing and preventing the use of tobacco products as well as e-cigarettes.

The report of the State of Tobacco Control released the reports to urge the state to increase the tax on the different tobacco products. Moreover, the federal government also asked to get funding for programs of tobacco prevention and cessation

What is the reason New Jersey got an ‘F’ grade?

The vice president of the association Michael Seilback said, “The use of tobacco products is the same as it was before around 17.2%. Sadly, the demand for these products is very high among youth. Due to our negligence, we have lost the opportunity to make the current generation not get addicted to the use of tobacco.

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Ban on Flavored vaping products

Back in January, the law was signed regarding the ban on flavored vaping products. This law will come into account in April. Association said that they need to see more of what can be done in its place to make things better.

In the report, the grade was given to 5 categories. New Jersey got 2 ‘A’ grades which are given as they put the minimum age to buy the product from the tobacco shop as 21 and they have also strengthened the laws for the smokefree workplace.

On the other hand, the state got the ‘F’ to start the services to quit usage of tobacco, lack of funds for the tobacco prevention program, and the level of the tobacco taxes.

It would be better if the cigarette pack price should increase in New Jersey by at least one dollar. This is because it is seen that for the increase in cigarette price by 10% there is seen a 7% reduction in its use among kids and adult usage reduces by 4%.

Well, this is an improvement which is going to help in the long run. It should be kept in mind that the health-care cost for the smoking-related issue is more than 4 billion dollars.

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