Guide To Stop vape Tank From Leaking
Guide To Stop vape Tank From Leaking


Vape tank leakage is commonly found and annoys oneself for the discomfort it offers after the mishap. So one you should keep in mind certain things to avoid its leakage, things like filling up the tank properly by not overfilling it, ensuring that all the components are tightened up but not too tightened up to cause the damage to o rings.

Vape tank leaking can be a sheer embarrassment for all of us, afterall who wants to carry a long day with the fear of its leakage.You can easily find a vape shop, vape juice store, vape store near your place these days.  So here are some tips to follow to have a leak-free vape tank.

1) The fill-up should be proper – Most of the leaks depends upon the way you fill up your tank. Make sure you don’t put any e-liquid in your tank to avoid leakage. Also, the tank needs to be tilted a little to pour the liquid as it will help the liquid to stay as far as from the center tube but if it so happens, make sure the excess is cleared up before use by simply blowing the excess out with the help of a tissue.

Not to overfill the tank- the vacuum created inside the tank by leaving some amount of air actually holds the e-liquid and avoid leakages.

2) Make sure to tighten the atomizers – It is important that all the components are screwed up properly. By avoiding the gaps inside the tank, leakages can be stopped. Make sure your atomizer is perfectly connected while you are unscrewing the tank. Another problem which you can encounter is of cross-threading. it is basically when the threads don’t line up properly on the components you are screwing

3) Not to over tighten – Another problem lies in overtightening cause it can damage the o rings which act perfectly to make a perfect seal and reduce the chances of leaks. one way to differentiate between too light or too tight enough is that while tightening up, not too much strength is put on and everything is screwed up in place firmly.

4) Leave the tank in the vertical position– The tank needs to be placed standing up when not in use or in between you vape. the problem arises only when the vapouriser is half-filled and not when it is full. In the former case, the juice holes come out of the e-liquid and move to the central tube causing leakage.

5) Check your o rings – It is advisable that you check if your o rings are not faulty when you receive them and are not degraded or out of position, otherwise they need to be replaced.