Here's How to Fix Vape Leaking
Here's How to Fix Vape Leaking


People who use vape products may experience some type of leakage due to some factors. In this way, either they visit our vape store or check it yourself at home. If you visit our vape shop then we will offer you almost free service and guide you on how to prevent leakage.

Here are some tips to fix the vape leakage

Check Coils

You have to check the coils first because you may experience the leakage problem due to device coils. If you find anything wrong with coils then must go for replacement or buy better quality could which will give you smooth functioning.  If you use vaping products daily then you need to replace them because these will result in leakage after some time. Moreover, the coils are available at affordable prices so you will definitely go for a new one.

Keep Your Tank Clean

It is a good idea to clean your vape device regularly. Because the proper maintenance and cleaning of a vaping product are useful to keep them for a longer time. In addition, your tanks are one which can build-up with e-liquids and you will surely experience the leakage problem. While you are planning to replace the coils, then you must clean the tanks with the alcohol-based solvents for smooth functioning.

Fill vaping Tank properly

Re-fill your tank properly so that you cannot experience any type of leakage. It is a good idea to fill it under the guidance if the right person because he knows how to fill the tank properly. You must check the quantity first and then start re-filling. Because over-filling will lead your tank to leakage. If you experience any type of leakage in your vaping tank then must take out the excess e-liquid.

Check for Cracks

Cheap quality vape tanks result in cracks. In this situation, you have to replace the vaping tank in order to enjoy the inhaling and exhaling process. Or you must go with the better quality or branded vaping product. Which do not result in cracks and leakage as well.

Use the right E-liquid

Make sure you are using the right e-0liquid because if you are using cheap quality e-liquid then it will result in leakage and cracks. You can also get the idea from a shop owner in order to buy the right e-liquid so that you won’t face any problem in the future.

Moreover, you do not carry over-filled tanks with you during your trip to other places.