How Will Be My Journey Of Quitting Smoking And Starting Vaping
How Will Be My Journey Of Quitting Smoking And Starting Vaping


The prime motive of the e-cigarettes was to give the close substitute to smoking and tobacco means these were introduced to help the smokers to switch from smoking to vaping. If you also want to quit smoking then it is important to know that what changes occur in your body in a few days, months and years after you quit smoking and start vaping

On the first day

After a few hours of quitting smoking, you will start feeling positive changes in your body. In the first few hours, the oxygen level in the blood will start getting back to normal position. If you will start vaping at the same time then it will be good as your body will begin to detoxifying the carbon monoxide that you had inhaled while smoking and oxygen level will increase.

As the one day end with no more smoking, your body will be free from the residual carbon monoxide and your lungs will start to detoxify the toxic debris and mucus accumulated in the body due to smoking.

After two days

After approximately two hours of quitting smoking or tobacco, you will notice that your taste buds are improved as your tasting sense get activated and improved and even you will be able to enjoy your foods and drinks more. Moreover, you will start sensing the fragrances around you.

In two days your body will start repairing of the receptors of mouth and nose that had to get damaged due to smoking.

Within one week

If even after 2 days you get success in living without smoking and enjoying the vaping then it is the good sign for your body as within one week of your quitting program your breathing system will start improving and you will feel more strength in your body.  Your tubes get relaxed and clear as before these tubes were clogging and irritated due to smoking. Energy level also gets the boost after saying no to smoking.

After 6-9 months

If you are away from smoking even after 6 months then it means you have won the war against your bad habit of smoking. In few months your body gets completely recovered and you can see wheezing, coughing and shallow breathing all these defects get vanish and now you have healed body and lungs free from toxins. You will feel yourself healthier after quitting smoking and starting vaping.

After a few years

If you will see the long-term effects of quitting smoking and starting vaping then you will get ready to quit smoking from right now. Studies have shown that former smokers can reduce the risk of heart attack by about half after quitting smoking and even if you have started vaping then also you can remain tension free as vapors do not harm any of your heart cells. Even chances of lung cancer, mouth cancer get reduced near to zero and you will feel that you have come out from the hell of smoking and vaping has given you new life.