Is Vaping Associated With Any Genuine Benefit? Find Out Here!
Is Vaping Associated With Any Genuine Benefit? Find Out Here!


The issue of vaping is one of the commonest controversy of the present century. Vaping did not start five years ago, but as more vapers are being registered around the world and several benefits of vaping stressed, there are complaints that vaping is as dangerous as smoking.

When FDA reclassified electronic cigarettes and e-liquids as tobacco products as per the 2015 regulations, a mind-blowing discovery was released by ‘Public Health England’ indicating that vaping is 94% safer than smoking.

After that major discovery, several researchers, scientists, and doctors have engaged in the game of evaluating vaping and smoking. This is certainly to obtain more info about the contemporary habit of vaping. In case you are a vaper, perpetual smoker, or desire to quit smoking, here are the several benefits of vaping you must know;

Benefits of Vaping Backed By Research

These will seriously help you stop smoking and switch to vaping

#1- It is 99% Less Carcinogenic Than Smoking

The only difference between smoking and vaping is the fact that both involve a nicotine-infused plume of a gaseous substance ‘white’ and that’s all. This is the major reason as to why people are made to believe that vaping is the same as smoking.

A study conducted by the University of St Andrews in Great Britain found that vaping is 99% less carcinogenic than smoking. Earlier on, it was found that smoking involves tobacco and the tar that is produced during smoking is actually what kills people.

#2- Vaping Can Improve Respiratory Functions

This will actually blow your mind, but in case you are in the same category, you may consider the option. In the waking life, it was found that stress is one of the major triggers for asthma attacks. The degree varies among patients, but the condition can be life threatening at times.

To make matters worse, doctors have found it had to prescribe the best therapies for those individuals who smoke and at the same time have asthma. Furthermore, it is said that a wrong product and the way it is used can actually increase a patient’s stress level and severity.

According to a study led by Dr. Riccardo Polosa, it was found that doctor-supervised switch to vaping reduces asthma-related flair ups and at the same time improves one’s quality of life.

#3- It is More Effective Than Nicotine Gums

The past decades presented gums, patches, and lozenges ‘Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs)’ as the best approaches to stop smoking. The major issue with these conventional NRTs was that they can’t impact the psychological addictions of smoking.

According to a study conducted by Dr. Jamie Brown, it was determined that vaping is more effective than the conventional NRTs. Also, it requires the same engagement as smoking.