Is Vaping marijuana safe What does Study say
Is Vaping marijuana safe What does Study say


The vaping demand is all over the world but yes a lot of controversies are also linked with it. One of them is linked with vaping and the other is marijuana vaping. Well, there are different studies done on this to understand its effects. In this topic, we are going to tell whether vaping marijuana is safe.

What is Marijuana Vaping?

Well, different theories have shown that marijuana vaping is safe as compared to smoking. With this, the THC content is very low without combustion. So, when you burn the marijuana the vapor you inhale contains very few toxins that are very high with smoking. Also, there are further indications that there has been a reduction in the harmful chemicals which resulted in fewer health issues and risks.

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Risk of Smoking Marijuana

Between smoking and vaping traditional smoke is very dangerous. With marijuana the things are different and it does affect the respiratory system. Well, there are different studies done that link the use of cannabis and lung cancer development. But yes, with smoking cigarettes the issue of cancer is very high.

Still, more research needs to be done to make things clear in a better way. No doubt, the potential benefits with vaping e-juice are low but they cannot be neglected at any cost.

Vaping Marijuana Risks

Study based on chemical emission

  • The ideal way to test is through chemicals that come off with vaporizer. If the combustion is not there then it makes vaping safe which also includes a reduction in harmful chemicals which is very high with smoking.
  • Well, the study is also done on the device which comes into the market at the start. But due to its poor design, the study is positive but limited to certain aspects.
  • One of the studies primarily focused on THC concentration in the blood flow once the person has vaped. Along with that, the carbon dioxide was also measured when they were breathing as compared to smoking.
  • The study showed that it helped in reducing the carbon monoxide which is exhaled in comparison to smoking which is essential because there are different chemicals that are found in a traditional cigarette.

Overall, not many studies have been done but still, it is clear that the level of harmful chemicals has declined along with combustion.

In simple words, the evidence we have shows that your health will not be affected in the wrong way as it would have with traditional smoking instead of marijuana vape.