Longevity of a vape juice
Longevity of a vape juice


Vaping has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years and one of the best alternatives for traditional smoking. One of its main parts is E-juice or E-liquid. Often people ask for long the vape juice is going to last for. Read the given topic to understand the longevity of vape juice.

How long the vape juice last for?

One of the questions which people always want to know is regarding the vape juice longevity. The vape juice has different food-based ingredients that are going to expire. So, considering the expiry date is essential. The ingredient types will determine the shelf life. Make sure that the vape juice is never used if it has:

  • The vape juice smell is changed.
  • The thickness and density are changed as compared to the average vape juice.
  • The color of e-juice is changed massively.

Storing the E-juice

If it gets exposed to too much heat or light, the material can turn and even expire. In most cases, the shelf life is around 2 years when you store it in the right manner after buying it from the vape store.

Is it safe to vape expired e-juice?

On most of the vape juice, there is an expiry date mentioned. But, if you use it after the mentioned date it can be quite risky. It also indicates a number of things like:

  • A loss in flavor
  • A lack of vapor
  • A loss in nicotine
  • A discoloration

It is going to affect the overall quality along with its flavor is also lost. For better understanding, you should take the help of our experts at our vape juice store.

Steps to store the Vape Juice

  • Store them in a cool place
  • Store them in a darker place
  • Should not be exposed to liquids
  • Make sure they are sealed properly and finish the first one before opening others.

Once it is opened, how long will it last?

From its manufacturing date, it can last for around 2 years. Just make sure that it is being stored correctly to enjoy the best vaping experience.

How long the e-juice bottle can last when vaping?

The time depends on how much you are vaping. The large bottle can last for more time and also on the heat amount which is used with the vaporizer. If you continuously vape at high temperature then in a week you can go through around 60mL.

If your vaping session is between 50 to 100 W, then the average amount would be around about a week in 30 mL of e-liquid.


You need to get the right amount of e-juice in every vaping session so that the flavors are fresh. To get the quality product you should visit our vape shop.