Loophole found by teens amidst flavored vape ban
Loophole found by teens amidst flavored vape ban


All over the world there has been news circulating related to vaping illness. Different cities have imposed certain laws and regulations on vaping for public health & safety. This guide will help you know about the loophole found by teens irrespective of the flavored electronic cigarette ban.

One month back the FDA (Food Drug and Administration) announced a ban on vaping companies to produce or sell flavored e-cigarette. This step is taken to reduce the rising demand of tobacco among youth. Well, it is possible that teens have found a shortcoming in this rule.

Ban on Nicotine Vaping Pods

To deal with the vaping-related illness the band fruit and mint-flavored nicotine vaping pods were banned which also include the favorite vape brand JUUL. The JUUL Marketing tactics and easily used vaping device along with easy to swap the flavors when one finishes out attract more customers. No doubt, their demand has always been high in the vape store.

Inconsistency in vape ban

  • According to the reports of ‘The New York Times,’ there has been a shortcoming found by the teens. The flavors like cherry, crush, banana ice, vivid vanilla and many more are still bought and sold legally at the vape shop. This is in the form of disposable e-cigarettes named by brand Puff bars and stig. This is actually in the form of reusable units which come along with swappable pods.
  • On the other hand, products like tobacco and menthol-flavored pods whether disposable or not got an exemption from this ban. Teens are preferring the Puff bar as they are cheaper as compared to JUUL.

Views from lawmakers

Tobacco studies professor Kevin Schroth said in an interview, “The Puff Bar e-cigarettes which are disposable and self-contained have all the same features as JUUL which created the issue.” The lawmakers who changed these vaping laws are also worried regarding the same.

Senator Jeff Merkley, Democrat of Oregon said in an interview to the times, “Fruit-flavored, affordable, and easy to access devices are specifically made to target the teens and children”. He also added, “President Trump needs to take strict action and keep up with the flavor ban as he promised.” it is possible that following these vape rules and regulations the health issues can be addressed in the right manner.

Meanwhile, President Trump has shown regret on the vaping ban he has put back in September. According to The New York Times, in a campaign, he said to Alex Azar who is Health and Human Services Secretary, “I should have never done that ban on the vaping product.”


Well, still the research is going on to find the exact reason for the vaping-related illness. If you have any doubts or concerns then talk to the experts for better understanding.