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Vaping kits are the first step for the
Pod device are automatic two part system like mini vape which is filled with vape juice and this juice snaps into a small battery. This device is available with two designs one is with power button and other is without. This device is available for the vapors with pre filled and reliable design to drag you out to make vapor.

These devices are also known as pod mods, mini vapes, pod systems and even vape pods and these are built to transit smokers into vaping. According to some smokers it is the best option to quit smoking and can give great experience more than vape pens.

Pod device can be of two designs that are refillable and prefilled pod designs. Both design differ from each other as follows

Refillable pod device

In this pod system you can fill vaporizer with your favorite flavor so you can have freedom to choose from wide range of flavors. This design also utilizes the empty pods that can be manually filled. This design is also known as open system pod.

Pre- filled pod device

Opposite to refillable pod devices these designs are called closed system pods and are prefilled with e-liquid so vaper has not to choose from the bundle of choices and there is no need to inquire for which e liquid is best to fill.

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