Safe usage of E cigs as a beginner
Safe usage of E cigs as a beginner


The use of vaping products is increasing all over the world. Well, people who are going to use it for the first time might not know what to do. It is important to ensure that you use them with proper safety so that. This guide will help you know the safe usage of e-cigs if you are a beginner.

The demand for e-cigs have increased a lot in the market and no just that various products are available for use. One of the important considerations is to use them safely. If you are not sure about the instruction then do talk to the experts at the vape shop. Here are some of the important which the vapor should keep in mind when they use the e-cig for the first time.

E-cigarette Cartomizer can get hot

To start with, you should keep in mind that an e-cigarette is an electronic device when you activate it, the electricity will go through the heating coil, the e-liquid gets vaporized when the cartridge temperature is increased.

No doubt, you cannot avoid the heat when you are vaping. In case you are vaping for a long time then it will start getting warm. In case you notice it is getting very hot then you should give it time so that it can cool down.

Another option is to switch the cartomizers for some time and then vape again. On average the coil can reach a temperature of 120 °F (around 50 °C) and if you do it longer then heat will get transferred to the outside of the cartomizer and this can trigger the risk of burning. In case you hold the e-cigarette with the hands then you will identify the problem quickly. Always make sure that you buy the best vaping product from the best e-cig shop.

Getting the atomizer changed

The liquid you vape is present in wick material but juice does not last for a long time. If you get the burnt taste then it means the cartomizer is empty as it is giving dry-heating and neither it is a pleasant option. So, make sure you should not do it at length.

In case there is a lack of flavor or vapor production is reduced then you need to change but make sure to check the battery as sometimes the problem can be there.

You can screw the cartomizer with a spare battery and check if there is still an issue. See if the problem is fixed and might just charging the battery will solve the issue.

Storing the E-cigs

Make sure that you do not keep the battery at extremely high and low temperature as well as a moist environment should be avoided. It is best to store them at a temperature of 59 °F (15 °C). Follow the necessary precautions to avoid any issue.