Should Vapers be worries about their teeth copy
Should Vapers be worries about their teeth copy


Many studies have shown that smoking affects the teeth. But that being said can vaping also leave the same effect on oral health. There is not much evidence of how vaping can lead to potential risk. In this guide we will tell you vaping effect on teeth and what to do to minimize the risk.

People who smoke face issue of having bad teeth. Due to smoking their teeth get converted into yellow-brown color. They blame nicotine for this but the main reason is tar.

Vapers rightly point to this problem that when nicotine is in pure form it is colorless. Here we will tell you about vaping and teeth and what can you do to minimize the risk.

How does smoking affect the teeth?

To understand what effect does vape leave on teeth, let’s see how smoking leads to oral health issues. The inhaling of tar-laden smoke is different from inhaling droplets of liquid.

Moreover, the dental issue is four times more in smokers. It makes the teeth look yellow-brown in color & bad breath and oral cancer.

Other things are that it affects the immune system makes it difficult for the mouth to heal itself which can even increase the issue.

Is Nicotine to Blame for Gum disease?

Well, there are different theories which link the connection between smoking & gum disease.

The toxins found in smoke directly damage the gum tissue.

Smoke could change the way how the immune system responds.

Nicotine makes the blood vessels to constrict and this makes it difficult to spot the early warning signs (like bleeding gums).

Nicotine’s effect on blood vessels lead to “hypoxia” which is low levels of oxygen in the tissues – and this infects the gums.

It is not clear which thing should be blamed that smokers teeth are being affected. But, this is true that vaping has fewer toxins, as a result, there are less severe issues found in vapers.

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What does research on vaping and teeth shows?

Actually, there are only some studies which show the effect of vaping on teeth. These studies are in the form of cell culture studies which are studied in glass to understand the biological effect of vaping on health. The effect which nicotine leaves on the teeth is also based on people who smoke tobacco.

So, at the moment there is not much evidence and it is just a speculation that vaping affect the teeth. In the real world, there is not much to say that what vaping can affect oral health. If you are looking for the best device then visit our vape store.

Tips to look after the teeth as a vaper

You should keep your mouth hydrated all the time, vape less with high-nicotine e-juice, and brush twice a day.