Some Quick Facts About Mesh Coils
Some Quick Facts About Mesh Coils


In the world of vaping, many new devices and methods come to make the experience of vapors the best. One of the things which have gained the attention of vapors is mesh coil. With this, it helps to give a large interface. In this guide, we will tell you some quick facts about the mesh coil.

In the last few years, it has been seen that manufacturers are trying to maximize the surface area of the coil. It started with dual coil and now there are multiple coils. The latest trend in the technology of coil is mesh coil.

What is the mesh coil?

Irrespective of their name, mesh coils are a strip of metal and they contain holes in them. They are actually made of stainless steel and kanthal. This helps in maximizing the surface area of the coil, flat thin design, and the volume is minimum. This results in creating a large interface between the coil & e-juice.

Are these coils new?

In the vaping world, mesh coils are not new. They were used in wicking for rebuildable tanks before became famous as the wicking material.

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Advantages of using Mesh coil

With large surface area there comes different advantages and we have mentioned some of the best one:

  • The coils get heated up in very less time which means faster ramp-up time.
  • Due to the large surface area, the flavor is intense and more vapor is produced.
  • With mesh coil, the heat distribution is even which gives consistent vape.
  • Some vapors feel that the flavor production is better as compared to the regular coil.
  • To get the best performance it needs very less power.
  • In one area heat get accumulated which leads to burning. With mesh coil, the chances of the burnt coil are reduced and it also results in having the coil last for a long time.
  • The mesh coils are compatible with existing tanks which means you can try these without the need to purchase a new tank. You can visit our vape shop and buy the mesh coil to get a better experience of vaping.

Disadvantages of Using Mesh Coil

  • When the surface area of the coil is increased, more juice is used. With this, large clouds cannot be produced as you have to use the juice in the best way.
  • Additionally, the size of the tank is limited to 2 ml which lead to frequent top-ups.
  • Mesh coils do not get as hot, so if you like to have to vape at high temperature then it is not the best choice for you. In addition to this, they work best with some flavors as compared to other flavors.