Study Finds Out Teens are vaping nicotine and marijuana more than smoking


Something new when comes to the market which is linked with technology will surely attract more teens. The same goes for the vaping products it has gained many people’s attention. In this guide we will let you know about one of the studies which showed that vaping and marijuana are more popular than smoking.

One of the recent reports have shown that teens are using vaping and marijuana more as compared to previous years. Many studies have also shown that teens are moving away from illicit drugs, smoking, and drinking. There has been popularity seen in the nicotine and vaping marijuana in the vape shop as they are portable and discrete.

Considering the future

Reports have shown that teenagers are using nicotine and marijuana as compared to the previous year. In the study, the students from 8th to 12th grade were taken into consideration. In the survey, it was found that:


  • 12th graders


 20.8% used vaping marijuana in the past 12 months


  • 10th graders


19.4% used vaping marijuana in the past 12 months


  • 8th graders


7% used vaping marijuana in the past 12 months

In the students of 12th grade, the highest increase was shown in the use of the vaping device. In 2018 to 2019 the percentage was increased from 7% to 14.4%. The survey helped to know that this is the single-largest drug that has seen such a huge increase in the last 45 years. In the last few years, teen nicotine vaping has seen such a huge rise.

Daily use of Marijuana among Teens in 2019

In the last 12 months, there has been seen a rise in the 12 months. The age group is divided into 2:

  • 10th graders

In 2019 Daily marijuana use increased by 1.3% points to 4.8%

  • 8th graders

In 2018 Daily marijuana use increased by 0.7% points to 1.3%

The rise in the vaping products is increasing the demand at the vape store which include

different vaping products and devices.

The rise in marijuana consumption is due to the:

  • Vaping devices are popular, ease of accessibility and discreteness
  • Recreational marijuana has relaxed attitudes
  • The increased demand for marijuana products, especially THC extract

The Other Side of the Coin

No doubt, there has been a rise in nicotine vaping and marijuana which also includes that drug and alcohol use have been very less. You can say that neither the use of illicit drugs raised nor it decreased.

What did the study found?

  • In the last few years, it was found that illicit drugs were almost the same in every age group.
  • In the 12th graders, the use of prescription opioids was 1.7% which fell to 0.7%

So, it is clear that teenagers are not into much of smoking as they are more inclined towards vaping.