The Vaping Trend and Workplace Ethics
The Vaping Trend and Workplace Ethics


Vapers: an emerging community

Although vaping is commonplace nowadays but the truth is that the non- vapers find it annoying when they chance upon the vapers in action. Although the vaping smoke is not a health hazard, people still look down upon the vapers.

Vaping inside establishments

If smoking is banned inside the establishment, they will not have a different policy about vaping too. The best way to know for sure is to ask their policy directly. A prior deduction can be done by surfing through the company’s website.

Vaping and the workplace

Vaping and the workplace

The rules regarding vaping at the workplace also depend majorly on two things-

  1. The local laws of the area.
  2. If the local laws allow special zone vaping, find out the rules of the workplace in this regard

Some offices designate a special area for vaping activity. Permission of vaping within one’s cubicle seems to be a remote possibility as non -vapers still are not comfortable with the activity even though it poses no health hazard to them. If no policy has been specified, it is always better to ask the establishments stand on the issue. Although the establishments don’t mean to discriminate against vapers, they want to maintain a conducive atmosphere for every employee and ensure that they are comfortable. It is best to adhere to the rules and never indulge in stealth vaping. A careless vape might cost you your career and the cordial relationship with your colleagues.

Is vaping akin to smoking?

Is vaping akin to smoking?

Even though scientifically it is less harmful, the guidelines of the government are ambiguous on the topic. Most people consider it akin to smoking as it is still a tobacco product. Its sale to minor population is being regulated.

Ban at workplace

If a workplace strictly prohibits smoking, it is likely that they will have a similar stand on vaping too. If the employer is offering a space to vapers for vaping, vapers must follow the instructions accordingly.

Thumb rules for vaping indoors

Rules regarding vaping vary according to the place and the organization. While some colleagues might be distracted by the smoke and feel uncomfortable with the smell, others might be concerned about their health. Some organizations are more permissive towards vaping. They understand that prohibiting vaping can alter the efficiency of the vapers.

The final judgment

The golden rule is to strike a middle ground so that the vapers don’t feel ostracised and the non- vapers don’t end up feeling uncomfortable.