Things to know before purchasing CBD product
Things to know before purchasing CBD product


CBD oil is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis which is helpful in providing health benefits to mind as well as body.  It has been proved really beneficial in reducing inflammation, alleviate pain, lessen anxiety, and improve the overall health of the person. Here are some things which you should know before purchasing the CBD product.

  • Is the product tested by the third party?

First thing is to check whether the CBD product is tested by the third party or not. If it is tested then the lab reports will be available on the company’s website. If the reports are not there then it could mean different things. It might mean that the product contains harmful substances or maybe they forgot to add the report. You can always reach out to the company and ask them to submit the reports before buying it from online CBD store.

  • What ingredients are used to make the product?

Make sure you check what type of ingredients are found in the product. In case if the products are not listed then it means something is wrong. If they are mentioned but you are not aware of them then you can search from the google to know more about those ingredients. A good product will have all the natural and organic ingredients such as Vitamin B12 for pain relief and  Melatonin in CBD sleep capsules).

  • Does it contain 0.3% THC or less?

However, THC is illegal in most states. To maintain the legality of the CBD product, it contains only a specific amount of THC which is around 0.3% to 0.5% or less than that. This amount is considered safe for consumption. Make sure you confirm the amount of THC which is legal in your state before purchasing the oil.

  • How is the CBD extracted?

Many methods are available for extracting the CBD. The safe method for extraction is CO2 as it helps in delivering pure product. The extraction method uses pressurized carbon dioxide which helps in extracting the CBD. After that, it is compressed into a cold liquid state while preserving the terpenes and nutrient-rich trichomes.

  • Which CBD type is used in the product?

Before buying the product from CBD shop you check what type of CBD is used in them. It contains Full spectrum CBD which is extracted from the hemp plant along with cannabinoids which are present and also the THC. The CBD isolate is extracted from the hemp plant and cannabinoids are isolated from it. Then there is Broad spectrum CBD which is a mix of the above two. But it does not include the THC.