Things you must know about E Liquid's expiring
Things you must know about E Liquid's expiring


Vaping product are used by many people all over the world. For this, it is essential that the e-liquid you are using should be safe. In this guide we will discuss whether e-liquid expire or not.

In case, you have just started to use these products then there are different questions which you might hear to want to know. In vaping one of the main components is E-liquid. Many people ask this question that whether e-liquid expire or not. Yes, it does. It is best if you check the expiration date to be safe and it is listed on the bottle. For that, it is essential that you make the most out of each bottle vape juice you buy from the vape store. Here in this topic, we will give you more information about the expiring of E-juice.

How to check if the E-liquid is expired?

For now, there is no such thing which can tell whether the e-liquid is expired. But if it is stored in the correct way, then it can last for around 2 years.

However, there are different factors which can tell whether one e-liquid will expire soon or not in comparison to another one. Most companies put one-year expiration on the liquid but it is actually a general recommendation.

Is the color of e-liquid changing?

Sometimes vapors notice that the e-liquid color is changing a bit but actually it is safe and you can vape from that. On the other hand, if the color is changing significantly then it means the e-liquid has gone bad. We highly recommend that if you notice the color have changed a lot then do not vape it and dispose of.

The color changes because of oxidation which is a chemical reaction. Nicotine is very reactive and the color changes when the other ingredients react with it. You might notice your vaping experience is not changed even if the e-liquid has a slight change.

Is the e-liquid thick the way it used to be?

The thickness of the e-liquid will depend on the company who made it, is there more VG, or PG. Having more VG means the liquid will be thick and if less PG then thickness is less.

If you shake the bottle everything blend together then it is safe. But, even after shaking it does not go away then you have to dispose of off the bottle as it is not safe to use.

Does the e-liquid smell different?

If somehow the bottle you are using is purchased 2 years back then you should smell it. By now you know how your e-juice smell if it is not the same then you need to throw it.

Once you have purchased the e-liquid from vape juice store you should store it in a dry, cold, and dark place. The bottle should be sealed properly.