Time when a vape coil expires
Time when a vape coil expires


To get the best vaping experience coil plays an important role. But, there is one issue that the coil expires after some time. Getting it replaced is the only option you have in this case. In case, you are not aware when the coil can get expired then read the given topic properly.

How you can tell the vape coil has expired?

Vaping has become very popular among youngsters and adults. Though its use has not shown any type of effect on health. But, there is one issue that the coil does not last for a long time. Well, there are certain things which can increase the lifespan of the coils.

When you have to get the coil replaced?

The most obvious reason is when you are inhaling the vape you get burnt taste. Due to this, it completely affects the e-liquid flavor and in your mouth, it leaves a very bad taste. This is a clear indication that you need to get the coil replaced straight away.

Switching the vape coil

So, the last time you used the vaping device you had burnt sensation. What does that mean? It is a sign that your coil is dirty and e-juice has clogged it. This problem arises when you are using thicker liquid with a high content of VG. It that case, the best choice is removing the coil and putting the new one.

How long the coil is going to last for?

In general, the vape coil is going to last for 5 to 7 days. With moderate use, it will last for 2 weeks and extremely light vapers can last their coil for even longer. There is no defined time for the coil. The coil can get deteriorated by different factors like the type of e-juice you are vaping, frequency of use, and device power settings. When you are buying the vaping device from the vape store you need to keep in mind the advice to get the best performance with the vaping device.

Coil is over-saturated

You notice the e-juice is leaking from the device which can be another sign that coil needs to be replaced. The wicking material of the old coil will get oversaturated with e-juice and due to this, the liquid will not get vaporized effectively. Just make sure that you buy the vaping device from the trusted and best vape shop.

Vapers Tongue

At times, the vapers notice that the e-liquid is tasting different. This is mistaken as vapers tongue which is referred to as not able to taste the e-juice because using that e-juice too often. But, in this case, the flavor is not lost it becomes unpleasant.

In case of any problem or doubt, you should seek the help of the experts as they will guide you in detail.