Tips to choose a vape mod
Tips to choose a vape mod


In the last few years, the demand for vaping has increased a lot. This is the reason manufacturers shave started bringing new and better products. Now the mod is available in different shape, size, and features. In this topic, we will let you know about the tips to choose the vape mod.

If you are planning to choose a vape mod then here are a few tips which will work much easier:

  • Power settings

Most of the mod allows you to change the power setting of the atomizer which is classed as variable wattage. In general, buying a wider range is beneficial but vapers do not take anything of high power. Best what you have to do is buy that which you need the most. If you lower wattage is not giving you the best experience then switch to the high-power device. If you want something which satisfying then get something over 80 wattage.

  • Controlling the temperature

With temperature control, you can set a specific temperature instead of wattage. Due to this, dry puffs will be avoided and it will also give you the best flavor of e-liquid. With temperature control stainless steel, titanium, or nickel is used. Make sure you check what type of material they support when you are buying it from the vape shop.

  • Use while charging

Some of the devices provide the benefit of using the vape while you are charging the battery (pass through). Well, this is actually a very useful feature. It means you do not have to wait for vaping even when the battery is being charged. With pass through, it does take longer to charge the battery. In most modern devices this feature is included.

  • Output mode

Most of the mod has the basic features like temperature control, wattage control, and bypass mode. Some device has additional options like giving the strength mode for the output. But setting the strength to soft it will give gentle puff and choosing hard puff will give a harder hit. But, most of the time vapers stick to the normal node. You can visit our vape store to buy the best vape mod to get the best vaping experience.

  • Battery Capacity

Another important feature to look for is battery capacity. This means at very charge for how long the battery will last for and this is followed by mAh. While buying the e-cigarette remember bigger numbers are better. If you buy a 3000 mAh battery it will also last for as long 1500 mAh battery lasts for, if you are vaping with the same wattage.

  • Password option

Some devices do offer password feature so that you can protect it from kids. The devices can be locked with is actually the best feature. It means no one else can use your mod and your kids cannot use them.