Tips to Choose the right e Cig Battery
Tips to Choose the right e Cig Battery


E-cigarettes have become extremely popular all over the world. But, at times the vape users have a worry in their mind regarding the e-cigarettes batteries. It is essential to use the right kind of batteries for your vape product. In this guide, we have mentioned the essential tips so that you can choose the right e-cig battery.

What is the reason for the E-cig battery to Explode?

Like most electronic e-cigs typically have lithium-ion batteries. When you use the right device the battery will heat the elements which convert the e-juice into vapor. In case, it is kept in a pressurized environment like a plane compartment, the lithium-ion can batteries can burst. But, most of the news you hear about the e-cig exploding is not about commercial e-cigs. It happened because of the manufacturing mods results or not following the safety features.

If you are planning to buy the e-cigarette battery then you should visit the best vape store. If you are looking for one then visit our vape shop to buy the quality product. Moreover, our shop owner will also tell you about the safety tips for battery usage.

What are the types of E-cigarette Batteries?

Vapers have several options to choose from and they are divided into 2 categories:

  • Cig-a-like battery

The Cig-a-like batteries are designed to resemble the tobacco cigarette. Their size is small and cylindrical. Most of the ex-smokers prefer to buy them as they give them the same experience as traditional smoking. The battery contains in-built safety features which prevent the battery from overheating. When you are buying the e-cig for the first time make sure you research properly or talk to the experts.

  • E-cig Mod Batteries

Mod is short for Modification. These are customized which are built to fulfill the needs of the customers. To have better control over the vaping experience mod is the best option. The mod batteries are box-shaped and large. Most of the vapers prefer to make their e-cigs but it is important to have all the understanding of what goes through in the making of the entire process.

What are the steps to prevent the battery from overheating?

  • Use a plastic case to store unused batteries.
  • Use the right kind of charger.
  • Read all the safety instructions mentioned in the device.
  • You should never abuse the temperature settings on the device.

If you are not sure which battery which be perfect for your vaping device then you should talk to the experts. The reputable vendor will always give you the right product and information. The product will be reliable and it will have all the safety features so that you can use the device daily.