Tips to drip vape like a pro
Tips to drip vape like a pro


So, you have seen your friends dripping e-juice but not tried it ever. Well, this thing should be tried by every vaper. To do this you need to have the right tools and have proper understanding regarding it. In this topic we are going to discuss the tips which will help you drip vape.

What is dripping?

Dripping is a vape type which helps in giving stronger response and flavor with nicotine. Moreover, it also helps in knowing how much vape juice they are using.

In case you like buying different e-juice from the vape juice store then dripping will be very easy. This is also a great way to save money as you do not have to buy a tank and e-liquids will not be wasted.

Tools needed for dripping vape

Most important thing is to get the right tools from the vape shop. Select the right drip atomizer as it is specifically made for its use. These are very easy to open and you can drop the e-juice inside without making any mess.

It has tiny wells to put the juice onto the coil so that it goes in the right place. Due to their airflow ports, the efficiency is enhanced when drawing and it helps the vaper to get the best experience.

Tips to drip vape perfectly

Follow the given steps:

  • Open the drip trip and look for the coil.
  • Take the dropper you bought and then onto the coil put 4 tiny drops of the e-juice. Do it very carefully.
  • Do not overdo with the vape juice otherwise, the coil will flood. This will result in spit back.
  • Your hand should be steady while you are drooping the e-liquid.
  • Once the e-juice is on the coil, push the drop tip very gently on its place.
  • Take a puff and you will get a big cloud. Then take another hot and continue with the process.

With every hit, there is enough amount of e-liquid you drop on the coil. For some vapers, this process is considered as very lengthy.

Avoid doing these things

Here are a few things which should not be avoided when your drip vape:

  • Never try and stretch the e-juice. Once you get a dry hit stop vaping.
  • Keep on adding more juice. The drip vaporizer can overheat very easily and run dry as there is not a full tank.

This can make them taste nasty but if you keep on pushing the device then it can meltdown very dangerously. Overfilling the drip atomizer will create hot droplets in the coil which can fly in the mouth. This tastes bad and might even burn you.

We hope this post helps you get a better vaping experience and drip vape like a pro!