Tips to Enjoy Cigar To Maximum
Tips to Enjoy Cigar To Maximum


Millions of people smoke cigars but they do not know how to enjoy them for a long time or maximum. If you want to get knowledge about it, then must read this article carefully at the end. Since we are going to tell you some tips to enjoy cigar to the maximum.

Well, it is essential to know how to enjoy cigars for a long time. When you visit the cigar store, to buy a cigar you must ask the owner about tips to enjoy cigars to the maximum. You may not know that cigars are also well-known for long-lasting enjoyment. According to a cigar shop, you can also choose from a range of products according to your requirement or choice as well. You can also store them for a long time if you are an occasional smoker. Well, we also have products at our smoke shop for a regular smoker, and also give you tips to enjoy cigar to the maximum.

Take a Cold Draw

It means when you open the cigar box and then a cigar cap. Simply lit it and take the first puff gently and hold it for a second. You will surely enjoy the flavor of Cold draw as compared to burning cigar. If you love the flavor of a cold draw, you will surely enjoy it to the maximum. Many people claim that burning cigar results in excess of humidity, whereas, the cold draw is safe and save a tight cigar from being lit and wasted.

Smoke slow and Steady

New smokers do not have much experience and they smoke too quickly. Well, this is not as fine as you want to do. In this condition, you need to smoke slow and steady & enjoying each moment well. Only slow smoking will give you the best experience and you will surely enjoy it for a long time.

Light the cigar well

It is necessary to light the cigar well from start to finish. Otherwise improper or incorrect lighting technique may cause tunnel. In addition to this, you must toast the cigar well, we know that you are not experienced. It gives you the best experience and enjoyment, additionally, the main purpose of toasting the cigar is to fire not only filler but also wrap as well.

If you do not know how to toast the cigar, you must get an idea from an experienced person, who did it many times. Only this way, you will enjoy the cigar well to the maximum.

There are some other ways to enjoy cigar to maximum, such as-:


  • Retrohale
  • Purge


These both will also give you better enjoyment to the maximum. If still, you want to know more things about a cigar, must contact us once, so that we can guide you properly about everything in detail.

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