Tips to get rid of tobacco addiction
Tips to get rid of tobacco addiction


With the rise in vaping products the people are preferring this option as it does not cause harm to the health. This is the reason people are neglecting the use of tobacco products. But, how you can get rid of its addiction. Read the given topic to know the tips to get rid of tobacco addiction.

For most tobacco users, the urge to smoke or tobacco cravings are powerful. Those who are addicted to smoking know they know what happens to them when the addiction starts and there is also a way to get rid of it. When you are planning to quit the brain performs accordingly and helps to quit tobacco.

Getting rid of Tobacco Addiction

  • Tobacco addiction is a strong need for compulsion and substance. With time the body and mind get used to reduce drug use which means we start taking less as compared to we used to.
  • Addictions are of 2 types: physical and mental. With mental addiction, tobacco is linked and behavioral addiction also plays an essential role in this. Behavioral addiction is linked with doing a specific activity like going out for a smoking session. This is the reason why e-cigarettes have been proven beneficial to many people to quit the habit of smoking.
  • No doubt, who has been smoking for long need more time to overcome the addiction problem.

Different stages of Addiction

  • Drug intake on an occasional basis: From time to time
  • Often drug intake: In this case, the addiction starts which can be controlled easily.
  • Feeling the need: In this case, a person feels the need for taking the drug on a regular basis.

If you are planning to quit smoking then make sure to get the vaping device from the best vape store. In case, not able to choose the best vaping product then take the help of the vape shop owner.

Some Important Tips

  • The person can opt for nicotine replacement therapy which includes nicotine patches, nasal spray, or non-nicotine smoking medicines like Chantix and Zyban.
  • You should identify which is your trigger spot so that you can avoid that particular place completely. Make sure to keep in mind when you used to smoke and do other things at that time to stay away from smoking.
  • If you feel like you are going to have tobacco craving then ask yourself to wait for 10 minutes. At that time, do something else to distract your mind.
  • To deal with tobacco craving you should start chewing on hard candy, sugarless gum, eat raw carrots, nuts, sunflower seeds, or celery.
  • Doing physical activity can also help you to get distracted from the tobacco cravings. You can do running or get up & down the stairs a few times. You can also do squats, pushups, or deep knee bends.