Tips to Increase The LIfe Span of Vape Product
Tips to Increase The LIfe Span of Vape Product


Having a vape device calls for certain investment measures. You will need a lot of money for spending on pods, coils and vape juice. Yeah sure, you would not want to replace the coils and juice again and again. To save yourself from spending money on these things time and again, it’s recommended that you maintain your devices. The finest of vapes succumb to wear and tear thus it is necessary to take good care of them. According to vape store, one must follow the given guidelines to ensure that their vape devices last long. Follow them  and you will not have to buy a new on from the vape shop.

Vape Battery

The battery is the most significant part of the device. Just take care of the issues given below and you will never repent buying a vape device-

  1. Keep it fully charged

A vape device should be kept fully charged. It is all the more important if there is not a spare battery. It is also crucial that you don’t keep your batteries unused for a long time. That way, they will become drained out and lose their ability to get charged. They will be rendered useless if such a situation continues.

  1. Don’t overcharge it

Undercharging is bad but overcharging is not good either. We know that the device might take hours to charge but that doesn’t mean that you should plug it and forget all about it. It will be really unsafe for your building as well as your device. Overcharging can result in a fire hazard. It can also lead to the damage of the vape device. You should be careful about using it regularly. Leaving it unused can also lead to the draining of the device. We suggest you take a few puffs every day to ensure that it performs well.

  1. Turn off after use

Most people leave it on when not in use. While the device’s use of power in maximum when it is fired, not turning it off means that charge will still be running in it. It will lead to unpleasant and useless burning of the elements.

  1. Minimize the strain on the coils

To ensure that the coils keep running for a long time, you must ensure that they are not strained. Putting them on the ringer exposes them to a high wattage resulting in evaporation of e-liquid within some hours. You will save a lot of money if you don’t strain your coils. Buying coils, again and again, could burn a hole in the pocket.

  1. Change the  E-Juice frequently

Trying a new e juice is a good idea. If the coil in your device is getting burnt too quickly, the chances are that they might be doing so because of e juice. While some juices are transparent, some juices have sugar which tends to crystallize and leave a residue which could lead to burning out of the coil too rapidly.