Tips to keep your vape at low temprature copy
Tips to keep your vape at low temprature copy


Generally, vapes are being designed in such a manner that they need to get hot. In many of thevape stores and vape shops, it can be seen that people are afraid to get it at initial stages. To avoid this problem many have the vape tips, which could be helpful.

Causes can be

  • Electricity being affecting the coil and heating up which can as a result, turns the liquid into vapours.
  • As the temperature goes up, potentially it can reach up to 300 degrees a day sometimes which can get the vape to be very hot.
  • It is possible quite a few times that the Clapton coil is hotter than a standard coil. Therefore, the performance of the coil at high voltage can be affected.

Important tips are –

  • The issue can be resolved to fix the coil for some time so that the heat does not pass throughout the whole coil.
  • With the help of using E-cig tank and battery connections, this problem can be easily solved. You can also switch to a new coil gunk.
  •  In order to resolve the problem of restricted juice flow, you can have a liquid flow control on the tank. Also by using a high liquid flow control on the tank can help a lot in solving the issue.
  • E – Cig and 2 different e – liquid bottles can be considered to manage the temperature. If the vapour is too hot while inhaling, it could lead to airflow. Airflow is being adjusted on an e-Cig and if the battery gets low sometimes then take them out and reset them after a while.
  • It is always recommende3d to stop vaping and put your Mod away or far at a distance from the flammable materials or keep the eyes on it very carefully while functioning.
  • To look for the warning signs is always suggested to you and to keep the battery safe. It may help to feel you more secure.
  • Sometimes it is possible that batteries can be overheated due to excessive usage. So to cool them down is an essential task to be performed. You can adjust the thermal runaway and use CO2 fire extinguishers or even water.
  • Always take care of the fact that vape battery should be disconnected from the tank. You should use them at lower power.