Tips to maintain sub ohm tank
Tips to maintain sub ohm tank


Whether you are using sub-vers, Ne sub-vers TF, or sub-vers mini it needs to have a proper filling. Well, there are few solid rules which will help you maintain the sub-ohm tank in the best way. Once you get habitual with it you will use the tank with ease. Read the given topic to know about the top tips.

Here are top tips that will help you maintain the sub-ohm tank properly.

  • Preserving the center part

The metal tube which travels from mouthpiece to the tank connection might get liquid in it. This happens when you replace the atomizer when the tank is moved from battery to battery. It might create a problem when you are new to filling the tank. However, if the center post is clean as well as liquid free it will keep the battery and tank performance the best. You can clean it with a clean cloth or cotton pad.

  • Refilling the tank

This is not for the sub-versTF and this is an important reference for future use. When you unfasten the base tank whether for refilling or replacing the atomizer. The seal prevents the liquid from entering the mouthpiece which can break. When it is separated the cartridge can leak. In this case, use a cloth to hold the mouthpiece when you are unfastening the tank. This will prevent the mess which can trigger because of routine tasks.

  • Safeguarding the atomizer

While changing atomizer, tank refill, or whatever you are doing which is linked with detaching the tank base than might be atomizer gets unscrewed. While assembling the tank again make sure you tighten it properly so that leakage does not happen.

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  • Connecting part should be cleaned

On the connection point, it is normal to find the liquid in a small amount in the tank. It is essential that you clean the area properly because with time the connections can diminish away which can affect the vaping performance.

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  • Sub-ohm tank should be full

It is quite easy to understand that at the time you run the tank while it is empty and there is nothing that can be done in this situation. The best choice is to keep the tank filled at least 1/3rd so that no problem arises. This helps to keep the seal strong and leakage is prevented.

Still, if you are encountering any issues then you should take the help of the experts. They will let you know what needs to be done to get the best vaping experience.