Tips to maintain your vape
Tips to maintain your vape


If you want to switch to vaping to quit traditional or tobacco smoking, then you need to understand how it works and what are the ways to maintain your vape. In this article you will learn about both these things, so you must read them in the end. Since there are several ways to maintain a vape for enough throat hit and enjoyment as well.

If you are new to vaping and unable to maintain your vape, then you must read this article at the end. Since you will surely get the detailed information about vaping in this article. Our main target is to help your vaping equipment in good condition. Or you can also get help from vape shop owner as well.

Here are several tips to maintain your vape.


  • In order to keep your e-liquid in a top condition, once you open it, you always replace the lid. You must store your e-liquid in a cool and dark place, and away it from heat and sunlight.
  • You may not know that certain e-liquids become crystallized because of several ingredients used to make e-liquid. If you find your e-liquid recently, then you must warm it in a bowl for better and effective.


  • You must always use the recommended wattage or temperature with the goal to maintain your coil and optimize its usage. In addition to this, you must start from the bottom. Make sure you do not use your coil at too much power, it will surely make it useless.
  • Well, certain people go with used coils but they only for some time. But if you want to get a better throat hit, you do not clean it with tap water, to kill bacteria from the coil.


  • We always recommend you to clean your tank once a week. It is a good idea to switch to a fresh coil for a better throat hit. If you do not clean your tank regularly, then it does not give you the best throat hit or lead to other problems related to the vape tank.
  • You must store your vape tank in a good condition such as in an upright position. If you have airflow systems, you must store them in an upright position. Don’t leave your tank on its side will cause leakage.


  • You must clean your mod similar to your vape tank. This is necessary to clean your mod in order to remove excess e-liquid. This is useful to maintain a vape for a long time.


You must store spare batteries well so that you can use them in an emergency. If you want to replace them, then must visit your nearest vape store to buy batteries.