Tips to Select the best vape kit
Tips to Select the best vape kit


Vaping is becoming a  popular way to please oneself. But when it comes to choosing a vape, it is not as simple as the pleasure that comes with it. If you ask us, the people from the vape shop, we would like to give you guidelines regarding the same. So follow the given protocol and just head for the nearest vape store. You will be able to make a good choice.


  • Size Matters


When the e-cigs were introduced, it looked very much like traditional cigarettes. But with the gain in popularity, the size became bigger. If you prefer the traditional look, you can place a bet on the e-cigarettes. But you will be putting a limitation on the production of vapor and the battery. So make the most of the size ( and the limitation)!


  • Specific Vaping Needs


According to your specific needs, there are two ways of vaping. It is crucial to know what kind of vaping experience you prefer to determine the kind of vape you need. Only when you vape will you come to know about your style. There are two methods of vaping:

  1. Direct Lung
  2. Mouth to lung

Direct Lung vaper inhales directly from the device into his or her lungs.

Mouth to lung vaper fills his or her mouth first and then passes the vapor to his lungs.

While many prefer the first approach, many are satisfied with the second approach.

We would like to specify here that neither approach is right or wrong. It’s just a matter of preference. But the way you like to vape will influence the kind of device that will be better for you. MTL devices are generally above 1 ohm while DL devices are lesser. DL vapors should not choose a high nicotine level as it will burn the throat and give poor flavor. Sub –ohm vaping is preferred for low level or no level nicotine. Ideally, DL vapors should keep their nicotine levels below 6 mg.


  • Level Of Vapor Production


Another significant part of the vaping kit is the amount of vapor it generates. Ideally, you should consider buying a device which has high vape production instead of the one which produces low vape. With the higher vape production, you will have options of lightening the dose. But with the low production devices, there will hardly be any choice. It’s that simple.


  • The Capacity Issue


We all know that vaping needs electricity for charging. So the capacity of the vaping device should be according to your lifestyle. If you are going to be continuously at your workplace minus a charging point in the vicinity, then it is better than you take two fully charged batteries for a continuous supply. If you are lucky enough to have a USB port for your assistance, then a single battery will do fine. It will also depend on how much and how frequently you vape.