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iCare 110

iCare 140

iCare 160

iCare Mini with PCC

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iJust 2

iJust NexGen

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iKit Manual Battery Kit

iKonn 220 with ELLO

iKonn Total with ELLO Mini

iKuun i80 with MELO 4

iKuun i200 with MELO 4

iNano Kit

iStick Pico 25 with ELLO

iStick Pico Kit

iStick Pico Mega Kit

iStick Pico RDTA

iStick Pico RESIN with MELO III Mini

iStick Power Nano Kit

iStick QC 200W with MELO 300

iStick TC60W Kit

Pico Dual with MELO III Mini

Pico Squeeze with Coral

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Eleaf has grabbed attention due to the introduction of innovative products that have changed the way of vaping. We offer the collection of Eleaf products starting from atomizers to kits and accessories. IStick series are the Eleaf’s starter kits that have enhanced the vaping experience and spread themselves in the vaping market. We offer Eleaf’ starter kits by keeping the authenticity of products at the best prices of the market.

It offers the range of vaping kits that are designed to enhance the experience of beginners and the advanced vaping users. You can choose high-quality Eleaf kits that are including carefully crafted elements and designed by the experts with top-notch technology to give you great tasting vaping experience. You can enjoy vaping with innovative, advanced, reliable and durable vape kits offered by Eleaf.

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