Atopack Penguin SE


Cuboid Mini Kit

Cuboid Pro with ProCore Aries

Cuboid TAP with ProCore Aries

CuBox with CUBIS 2

eGo AIO D22 XL

eGo AIO Pro C

eGo AIO Pro

eGo AIO ProBox

eGo One TFTA

eGo Twist+ with Cubis D19

eGrip II

EKEE with ProCore Motor

eVic Basic 60W with CUBIS Pro mini

eVic Basic with CUBIS Pro Mini

eVic Primo 2.0 with ProCore Aries

eVic Primo SE with ProCore SE

eVic VTC Dual with ULTIMO



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Product development is the main purpose of Joyetech after its foundation in 2007. The company believes inconsistent research and development in the technologies and quality of the products so that the experience of the users can be enhanced. High-end technology and standardized quality of the products has become the recognition of the company that is why it gets success in having the profound influence on the vaping industry.


It is the pioneered brand that has introduced the compact sizes starter kit for the beginners and even advanced level users can also enjoy with it. It is the best fit for the starters and the existing users of vaping that are looking for vaping device that is lightweight and compact in size that can fit the palm of the hand.


Its starter kit called eGo AIO or all in one has been introduced in the market with the innovative design that has the tank and inbuilt battery as a combo feature. Its various vape kits are popular all round that adds many folds to its brand recognition and reputation in the market. the vape kits introduced by this brand has raised the vaping experience of vaping lovers and former smokers beyond the level mean users can have utmost satisfaction with its products along with unique vaping experience. With the aim of enhancing the user’s experience and to help them come out from the smoking addiction, we offer the great range of Joyetech vape kits that can be delivered at your doorstep.